Lifecore Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer big 2The All-New Assault Air Bike is designed so nicely and scientifically, keeping in mind the individual requirements of multiple users. Its design and architecture is a cool combination of traditional as well as modern air bikes. It is perfectly designed to determine power of your legs and arms and to check your resistance.

Rider Friendly Air Bike

The All-New Assault Air Bike is a product of LifeCORE Fitness Inc. that is famous for its top quality products. This bike is result of untiring efforts of LifeCore fitness development team that comprised of engineers, fitness trainers and Crossfitters. The seat on the Assault Airbike has been furnished not only with up and down adjustment, but also facilitates you move fore and after. This is truly an extra ordinary feature that provides you the facility to make things properly aligned so there is no fear of handle to hit you in the chest or legs whether you are tall or short in height.  The All-New Assault Air Bike is manufactured in a way that never hurts the rider in any way. It makes you exercise very calmly and gently without giving any pain offers full resistance. Not only athletes but casual users can also use it at home. There is no restriction of age; people regarding any category of life, different age can use this machine with full comfort and ease.



This air assault is best designed to be long-lasting and durable keeping in mind the infrastructure to be durable. All the joints are beautifully hidden and covered. 20+ bearing salute are used to join all the integrated sealed cartridge bearings to increase the life span of the cartridge.

Great fit for every one

The seat on the air bike offers you a great fit for every one having different height weight and age. Its   20+ Barings allow you to fit the air bike according to your height. The handles wouldn’t harm your chest if your height is tall and not bring you too much close to handles if your height is short, it gives you a perfect alignment to your body.  The reasons that make it fit for everyone are stated below:

  • It has strong unbeatable handle to give you full support
  • The onboard polar radio provides you the heart rate monitoring facility
  • Well designed pedals provide the exercise opportunity of your complete body
  • Foot pegs are attached for the rest of your feet for intervals
  • 27 inches steel fan provides you with unlimited resistance
  • Every pivot point is enriched with robust sealed cartridge bearings
  • Integrated transport wheels gives you easy setup movement
  • Strength and durability is provided with over built forged Cro-Moly Cranks
  • Assault AirBike has been furnished with an auto fit and adjustable seat that provides you comfort and convenience.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame eliminates side movements.


So as a final conclusion, the Life core Fitness Assault Air Bike is a lovely product to use for fitness and exercise at home.