FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar big 4

The first name that clicks mind when it comes to fitness and in terms of an exercise bike is Fit Desk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar”.  However it is genuine for your mind to ask what is important and special in it? Well! You will have to go through the following statements to satisfy your mind and soul.

As it is obvious from the name it is an exercise bike with a desk fitted on it. This exercise bike is a multipurpose bike that gives you the opportunity to work and exercise both at a time.


Versatile exercise bike  

We are leading a very busy life and we don’t have time even for ourselves. Although we are conscious of our health and fitness however we don’t bother to make a research for useful equipments and tools that may serve us. For that reason fit desk has launched a multipurpose exercise bike that gives you dual aspect of exercise and work.

  1. The exercise bike is equipped with a front desk that lets you use laptop and study important files. Complete your assignment using laptop.
  2. If you are mentally disturbed and want to chill for some time, you can listen to the music while taking exercise, watch your favorite movie or any show that you longing.
  3. Another plus point is that you can do your facial while doing your exercise. So you can go for beauty and fitness at the same time.
  4. You can read newspaper or any other document while doing exercise. You can enjoy reading fashion magazine or any other content that you yearning.

Folding exercise bike

Most user of exercise bikes need the one that could be folded over so that after taking exercise you can place it in any side place of your store. People living in apartments don’t have large places in their houses to keep large sized exercise bikes.

Robust bike

The bike manufactured by Fit Desk is highly durable, flexible and long lasting. It uses most sturdy material for manufacturing so that users can use it for years.

Patent Pending Massage Rollers & Upper Body Support

Regulating armrests with padded and contoured massage rollers for your forearm provides hold up and console for anybody stature while functioning on your laptop. And the seat adjusted with the bike also provides you back rest and superior maintain.

Magnetic resistance

The fit desk bike gives you magnetic resistance as many exercise bikes offer. Normally there are two types of bike resistance, one is air resistance the other is magnetic; this bike gives the second one.

Condensed & steady frame design

This machine gives you condensed and sound frame design that is highly supportive for the body of any size, age and gender. Users can effortlessly sit exertion and do exercises. It will prevent and save you from any kind of grievance and pain.


It is highly rated as 4.5 out of 5 stars that is much better as compared to other exercise bikes. It shows the likeliness for the users.


With so many expedient features, this bike is highly recommended to be included in your exercise equipment.